Wondering how to earn $500 easily per month?

Shorturls.net is one of the best highest paying URL Shortener website. It pays all its users for each click made. Maybe you have already searched for bot tricks or any other tricks to earn money with Shorturls; if you use those tips or tricks to make money quickly, one day, you will be ultimately banned permanently. So, in this article, we will discuss the “best ways to earn money with URL Shorteners/Shorturls.”

Simple Details:
•Network Type: CPM
•Minimum payout: $5
•CPM: Upto $21
•Payment Cycle: Daily (24 – 48) hours
•Referral: 20%
•Payment Options: PayPal, Skrill, Payeer, Webmoney, Perfect Money, capitalist, Paytm, PUBG UC
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What is a URL Shortener?

URL Shorteners are used to shorten long URL links, and also you can make money using shorten URL links online. Payout rates depend on the location of visitors, and Shorturls.net is one of the best URL shortener available.

Best way to Make Money Online with URL Shortener/Shorturls

I have given you the overview of Shorturls.net, but there are some questions left about how Shorturls earns money and why Shorturls.net pays you. To clear this question, I will give you an example if an advertiser wants to sell their product online. They need more visitors to see their products to buy them, now Shorturls is the best solution for advertisers. Let’s check out the complete working of Shorturls.net.
•Advertisers pay money to Shorturls to show their product to worldwide visitors.
•Now, let’s say the advertiser has paid $5 per 1000 visits. Shorturls take a cut and give you the rest. Let’s say Shorturls takes $0.4.
•Now, as Shorturls has placed the advertisements on the short link page when a visitor clicks on your short link and has visited the page and successfully did the activity, you will receive your portion of earnings.

What is Shorturls.net?

Shorturls.net is a link shortener network; it allows publishers to shorten their URLs. Shorturls.net is not different from Tinyurl.com, Goo.gl, and bitly. But you can make money using Shorturls shorten links. When someone clicks on the Shorturls short URL, there is a 10 seconds frame that shows an advertisement.

Highest Paying URL Shortener

Trustworthiness is the key if you want to use and make money from URL shortening service effectively. Shorturls qualifies as one of the most trusted URL Shorteners available out there. Its highest payout rate is $21. Shorturls is undoubtedly the highest paying URL Shortener. With Shorturls, you can earn up to $210 per 10,000 views on the shortened URL.

How Much Does Shorturls Pay You?

If you are thinking about “How much does Shorturls pay per view?” or “How much does Shorturls pay per 1000 views”’ then here is the answer. Shorturls pays up to $21 per 1000 views, $21 may be a small amount, but think for a second, How many people in today’s world use the internet or any other social media sites? More than 4.8B people use Facebook or any other social media network daily. If you manage to get a small portion of users on your shortened links, you can earn a massive amount of money. If you want more tips, then kindly read this article carefully up to the end.

Tools available on Shorturls
•Quick Link: It allows you to instantly short your long URL into a monetized short URL to earn money easily every time someone visits your short link. First, the visitor has to see advertisements, and then the user will be allowed to visit the destination page.
•Full Page Script: If you have a blog or site and have a lot of links and you want to convert all the links into Shorturls paid links, then this full page script tool will help you.
•Mass Shrinker: This is a tool that allows you to shorten up to 20–30 URL links at a time. It is the best tool if you have a long list of URLs and want to shorten them all at once.
•Bookmarklet: It is a toolbar, which you can install in your browser. Whenever you visit a page online, you click on the ‘Shorten with Shorturls’ button in your toolbar; then, you will get a shortened Shorturls link for that URL.
•Analytics: You can see all the statistical data of every link available on the dashboard.
•Developers API: This tool will help you to integrate Shorturls links in your applications.

Features of Shortzzy

•Attractive and straightforward user interface
•Minimum payout is only $5
•Fast and easy sign-up system to create Shorturls account
•Quick payment system
•Attractive referral program
•Excellent stats reporting system
•On-Time payment
•Multiple payment methods
•Many tools are available to boost publishers earnings very quickly
•Pays Up To $21 per 1000 visits
•Easy to use and earn money
•Responsive customer support
•Minimum payout is $5 only
•Shorturls offers an attractive referral commission for life to publishers
•It uses CPM as a payment model to pay
•Shortzzy provides various payment methods to pay, including PayPal, Skrill, Payeer, Webmoney, Perfect Money, capitalist, Paytm, Bank Transfer.
•Payment proof: Coming Soon

How to Earn Money with Shorturls?

If you are getting questions like “how to make money with URL Shortener fast” or “the best way to make money with URL Shortener” or “how to earn more money with link shorteners,” then surely I will assist you on this topic. The best thing I like about Shorturls is that even a person that doesn’t know much about computers, the internet, blogging, and any other technical knowledge can also earn money from Shorturls. There is no specific strategy to make money with Shorturls. I will give you some tips or ideas to make money with Shorturls, but it does not mean that these are only the ways to make money. Be creative to make your ways to share your shortened URL links online so that it reaches a considerable number of people, and they click on it. In a nutshell, a person is only going to click your URLs if you have something interesting to share through your links.

Here are some of the places you can share your URL links. But before you share your URL links, be sure you have something people want to check out. Let’s start:

•Youtube: Daily Millions of people use Youtube so that you can place your shorten Shorturls links in the descriptions section.
•Forums: Most of the forums allow Shorturls shorten URLs in your posts. Just find some forums related to your topic and place your links. Keep increasing your posts day by day, and you will see an increase in your earnings slowly.
•Website: You can create a free website (Blogspot or free WordPress) and post your shortened URLs on your posts (Use Quick link, Mass shrinker, or Full page script to change regular links into monetized links.)
•Referral: This is a proven and trusted way to earn money from Shorturls. Only you have to do is to refer your website visitors or friends or anyone to join Shorturls and you will make money for the referral, you will receive up to 20% commission for life.
•Comment on blogs: This method is similar to the above process “Forums.” Just the difference is that this time you are posting on blogs related to your topic.

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